Grasshopper Kiwi3D result view


I have a question about the tool kiwi3D. I create a bending-active structure, but I cannot see the result/stress of the system. There ist the error message “No GP Result are stored in DataBase to display”. Thank you for your help =) (55.1 KB)


you have to enable the stress output in the analysis component by using a value list. grafik

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Thank you, it worked =) But can I show the results in the model with colors? When I try it looks like this:

no, there is only this visualization mode for beams and cables until now. You can only choose of you want to have the filling between the lines or not and some gradients. However, you could build one on your own. R contains lines where the start points are the locations of the results and V (or the length of the line) has the respective values of the result. I generate sometimes a meshed pipe of the (deformed) curve and search for the closest result point for every node of the mesh in order to attribute a colour to the node.

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