[Video Recordings 2018] C# Scripting and Plugin Development for Grasshopper

I am very happy to share the video recordings of the 2018 workshop on C# Scripting and Plugin Development for Grasshopper

Video recordings, handouts and software requirements:


If you already watched the 2017 workshop last year, you will find new content in this year 2018 workshop, specifically tailored for Rhino 6. In addition, the Flocking Simulation case study from 2017 is now replaced with Mesh Growth, where we covered several new topics such as half-edge mesh data structure, creating complex mesh surface by adaptive subdivision and self-intersection avoidance using sphere-sphere relaxation


the link to the page is unfortunately not available, can you please post the archives of the presentations that were in the video?

here is the saved version of the site

Please tell me the same seminars were in 2019 or maybe in 2020?


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Thanks a lot!!!
And for 2018 there are no slides? are there differences?

Sorry, the one I linked you to was from 2017. On youtube you can find the 2018 presentation videos, but also with a broken link to the handouts.

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I don’t have the rights to edit my own original post.

Here is the link to the 2018 video:

And the handouts:


Thanks a lot!!! Rays of gratitude !!! Presentations are much more convenient :grinning:

Attaching here my code of plugin in C# at visual studio ,which is taking 4 points as input of a polyogn and cheking if a randon given point is inside the polygon or not, and screenshot of error showing - “1. Solution exception:Input parameter index [-1] too low for Component p_1”

Attaching here the code formats and the error screenshot, Someone please help me out.

Test2Component.cs (4.4 KB) Test2Info.cs (2.8 KB)


(upload://b8ngf775QdS1PNYwtUsThPTQsOp.cs) (4.4 KB) Test2Info.cs (2.8 KB)

Hello Long, seminar of Scripting and Plugin Development for Grasshopper helped me a lot to learn plugin making…
but i have a request, can you please make a video of how to use git hub code of some plugin into Visaul studio!, please, make this video in your free time. Thanks in advance