Grasshopper C# tutorials Visual Studio

Since grasshopper forum is closed, I would like to share C# tutorials for Grasshopper and Visual Studio on mcneel discourse too.

It includes slides and example files from workshop in Poland:


That’s great Petras, thank you for sharing.

Since this topic is here I will add ICD’s extensive free C# for grasshopper live stream webinar on their Facebook page taught by @LongNguyen . Total time about 15 hours.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:


@Petras_Vestartas @Michael_Pryor these are great!
@dan, @will what do you think about adding these resources to

I think this is a great idea. I think the videos would go great here:
Do we have permission from @LongNguyen to post them?

Yes please feel free to post the videos on the Developer page.
You can get the videos here (slightly better resolution than the those in the Facebook links)!J1c3jSrK!7yEaslqVUjAy7foj4RvGvQ


Thank you @LongNguyen! I’ll get those posted.

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I’m going to post links to these tutorials as well on Thank you for sharing these.

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Hi Long-

I’ve posted your workshop videos here:

I made some minor edits to cut out the long pauses at the beginning - when you were setting up - and during the breaks.

Great workshop. This is a generous contribution to the community. Thank you again.

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Nice! Btw I believe @LongNguyen also included some download for the files made in the workshop as well as the PowerPoint / pdf slides. Maybe it is worth to have them there also?

@Michael_Pryor @dan. Thanks for the editing, it is actually much better that way. The accompanying slides and data sets are here!U01SSKCC!S3BZ_oWf9v5KJ-FzwGeU0MkYsy6wtrGt56074b-9Sdg. It would be great if you can host them on your server as my cloud drive bandwidth is quite limited.


Good call @Michael_Pryor

:beers: @LongNguyen!

I’ve uploaded the C#_Workshop_Handouts.rar to our servers and added a download link from


@dan I’ve seen @LongNguyen put newer videos on youtube. Atleast they are in high quality.
I suspect that the content is similar but different :slight_smile:

2018 workshops

Can you update the overview?

The 2018 is 60% similar to the 2017 version. The rests are new materials (Flocking simulation exercise is replaced with Mesh Subdivision Growth (that also covers how to use a third party library e.g. Plankton mesh, and R-Tree). Also the 2018 version covered some important details specific to Rhino 6 (the 2017 version was based on Rhino 5 entirely)


Hey sorry for the delayed response Mathias and Long. I’ll see what I can do about updating these as soon as I get a moment. PRs are also welcome on the developer site, it’s open source :wink:

Ok, I committed an update to the videos page. I can see it live on the WIP version of the page, but I suspect caching on GitHub pages CDNs are not yet updated for the v6 version of the site:

Hopefully they will update soon.


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