Video Card upgrade because of Grasshopper (is it worth it? RX580 to GeForce RTX 2070S)

I have video perforamce problem when displaying high number of objects by Grasshopper. When I move obejcts its really jagged. Sometimes I have even have to wait a second until it goes on.
Right now I have Radeon RX 580 series video Card. I am thinking of upgrading it to GeForce RTX 2070S series. Would it results in a much better performace? I am really despertae with the current cppabilities.

How much is a high amount of objects?

Did you know that you can adjust display settings in grasshopper?


Also show the output of this:

I have a 1080ti, and i find that it is more than enough, able to display a mesh with millions of faces, or a million objects, or curves or panels etc.

You can also adjust the anti-aliasing here too.


Hi Arkadius,
Please take a look on my setttings. Are they ok?

setting Grasshopper

nVidia is much better at handling raytracing, like MUCH better. I see you have rhino 5, so try downloading the v6 demo and see if that helps first, as it is better at handling more objects (in shaded mode, in rendered it can be slower since v6 uses a more advanced and better looking shaders and shadows)

I have the rtx 2060 super in my home workstation now so if you want me to test a file for you in v5 I can do so and report back the result so we can compare.


simplified said a graphic card is a processor optimised to do 4x4 matrix multiplication. The most basic shader (the vertex shader) transforms a point from 3d space onto your screen applying 3-4 of these operations already for one point/vertex. If you connect two vertices you get a line and multiple lines represent a curve. If you connect 3 vertices you get a triangle which is used to represent any surface or even volume in graphics.

Now you also want pixels in between (fragment shading) or you want to create other pixel around other pixels (geometry shading) or you want to smooth out the colours for smoother edges (Anti-Aliasing) etc.

This all counts in for displaying a shape, which lets you render x-triangles per frame. If your card is much better you may get 2-3x triangles per frame. But if your Grasshopper script demands 20x triangles per frame, an new gcard doesn’t help you, right! You can optimise this, by reducing the shader(-s) quality, by reducing the complexity of your render mesh or by not displaying the fragment shader at all (wire display only).