Video Card upgrade from GTX1060 (6gb) to .....? Thoughts?

My desktop machine is a SFF box I built with a ROG Strix B550 / Ryzen 5 5600X using a GTX1060 (6gb) video card. (My laptop is RTX2070 and I see we’re in the 4000’s now)

I’m starting to work with larger files and wondered if a VC upgrade would be worth it. I’d love to know what kind of performance improvement I’d see with a RTX card. I don’t need to break the bank with the top of the line, but something that will give marked improvement. Of course for SFF.

A high-end GPU will be bottlenecked by your midrange CPU configuration. Depending on what you are trying to achieve with rhino.

The biggest benefit you can gain from a faster GPU is likely going to be rendering speed. Other benefits will be impacted by the workflow you are following. Don’t expect a linear scaling in performance when it comes to general viewport performance.
I upgraded from 1080 to RTX 4000 to A40 and it feels faster on larger scenes but I’d say it feels like 20% faster.

I personally would stick with your 2070 or go with a 3080Ti to get some tangible results. I’d refrain from using 4090 or 4080 since your CPU will be a bottle neck.

I’ll look into the 3080Ti. The 2070 is in my laptop that I rarely use for Rhino. It’s the desktop with the 1060 I want to upgrade.

Just curious, do you see a performance difference (in rhino) between your 1060 desktop and 2070 on the laptop?

I haven’t used the laptop to model in a while. I’m working from home these days so my desktop rig is here with me and it runs two 30" monitors.