How much does GPU matter?

Hey all! I am about to build a new computer and i was wondering if i should invest in a higher end graphics card. I know in Grasshopper CPU matters a lot and I intend to invest in that but i am not sure if investing about the same in a GPU is a good idea or i can go by with one of the newer integrated ones or maybe a lower class one, such as RTX 2060.

Thank You!

The GPU is not used for computation, however it will help with the display speed. And as time goes on more and more parts of the Rhino display will be handled directly by the graphics card using shaders. Also the time it takes to refresh the Rhino viewports is part of the turnover time of a Grasshopper computation, so having a fast graphics card will especially make a difference on fast Grasshopper files.

Imagine it takes 10ms to compute a new solution and 20ms to refresh all the viewports, you now have a 30ms delay between updates. If your viewports refresh twice as fast you’d only have to wait 20ms. But of course as the GH files become slower, that bleeding edge will become all but unnoticeable.

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