Laptop specs for rhino and grasshopper?

Hello, I’m in the market for a new laptop and im wondering if anyone has recommendations for specs. First question is if there is a significant difference between geforce rtx cards and RTX A2000 series cards. the price is much different but benchmarking sites show that the geforce cards are better. would a gaming laptop offer more value thatn a workstation? Also wondering what processors might be best for grasshopper. I’ve been getting into it more and more but finding that when my files get more complicated the calculations really take a loong time. should i be looking for clock speed or multiple threads? or both?

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ok thank you

In general, the consensus seems to be that fewer, faster threads and a geforce card and plenty of RAM will give you the best performance in Rhino, as well as the most bang/buck.

Your graphics card memory size will depend on what you’re doing, I don’t deal with large projects with lots and lots of pieces, so 4MB of vram has been fine in all cases. If you do architecture or will need to push a lot of triangles, then maybe someone else will jump in here but my understanding is you want to max out your vram.