Video card for LG 21:9 Ultrawide monitors

Does anyone have a recommendation for a video card to drive LG Ultrawide monitor (21:9)?

Thank you.

For the most part, I design boats which have a high aspect ratio by nature. Thus it is that I purchased two years ago, an AOC 29" 21:9 monitor which I still enjoy using very much. I have been using an AMD Firepro W7000 cad with this monitor with great success. It also is quite good during photo editing and other non-CAD requirements. And, I’m also writing a book using MS Word. The displays allows three pages across which is quite nice to work with. I use the display port with my W7000. I may or may not (depending upon forthcoming reviews) purchase a W7100 which comes with 8 GB of video memory; quite something for a middle priced CAD card. I’m anxious to read of reviews of this new AMD card and if they’re up to my hopes and expectations, I may well pull the trigger. In the meantime, I’m very please with the W7000.

AlexVol-first what is the model or max resolution of the Lg monitor?
-second how big are the rhino files you will work with…multiply it by 4 you will need it…really.
my gtx580 3gb will drive a 2560x1600 monitor.

Dear Robb and CPearase
Thank you for your input. The design files are rather small, so is the budget. Did not want to go overboard with graphic cards.

They don’t really have a ton of pixels(widescreen monitors are a marketing trick of a sort) compared to actual 4K monitors, which most new video cards are capable of driving more than one. So you don’t really need anything special

Hi Robb-

How did you get your AMD W7000 to support a high enough resolution to use the UltraWide? My W7000 can only go up to a resolution of 1920x1080, instead of the full resolution for the Ultrawide (2560x1080)?



I have an AOC 2560x1080 monitor which has done stalwart work these past years. My FirePro W7000 runs at 60 Hz at that resolution all day long. And, it should; there is enough video ram at 4 gb to run such a resolution at a satisfactory refresh rate. All works quite well. Thanks for your inquiry. All the best, Rob

I work with Rhino files that vary from 50mb to 250mb. depending on the amount of detail and addition of various hardware that I’ve created over the years.

I should add that I use the dsiplay port to connect my AOC to the card which does enable higher resolution than the vga port.