Firepro V7900 Displayport to D-DVI Adapter


@jeff or anyone who may know, I have started the process of trying to find a compatible Displayport to Dual Link DVI adapter for the Firepro V7900. It seems there are tons of options with mixed results between cards and monitors. I tried to find the appropriate place on AMD’s website to ask this question, but all I can find is a link to a processor forum. I need to be able to achieve 2560 x 1440 resolution with the adapter. Any help would be appreciated.

@jeff If nothing else, I thought you might be able to point me to the right place to ask the question.


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Have a look at this:


@John_Brock - That is talking about using two graphics cards, Not at all related to the question I was asking.

I am looking for a compatible cable adapter.

Thanks anyway :smile:



Yes. AMD requires Eyefinity Certified Displayport to connect more than one monitors. Google it shows a lot. I bought one from Amazon.

Edit: Here is the link the one I got. Works perfect on both AMD and NVIDIA.

Light + Quality + Cheap :wink:



@kevlism That is not a dual link DVI, I need one that will give me a resolution of 2560 x 1440, that one only goes to 1920 x 1080.



Sorry about the wrong info

check it out



@kevlism Thanks for the info; those are pretty salty, I’m not sure I have 3 open USB ports to power them, I’ll see what I can come up with.



Hi Don. I’ve got a few that I tried using with varying degrees of success with my Firepro V7800. The main problem I ran into was when trying to run 3 monitors (Dell 2007FP + Dell 3007 + Dell 2007FP). On the V7800, that meant having to use all the available video outputs (1x DVI-D + 2x Displayport) & I never got it to work properly.

I haven’t got the details to hand atm, but still have the adaptors I used in a cupboard somewhere. I know I started out with 2 Dell-branded active Displayport-DVI-D adaptors (that were actually rebadged Biz Link items); they need a supplementary USB connection to power them, but definitely support 2560 x 1600, at least when used singly. I ran into real problems with trying to get the third monitor to work, even using Eyefinity. Gave up in the end because I didn’t like the AA on the Firepro, and bought a Quadro K4000.

I also tried some Sapphire passive Displayport adaptors with the V7800. I can’t remember whether they worked with it, but they’re fine with the above monitors hooked up to the Quadro (though I’m only using one of the 2007FP’s atm).


@MattE The V7900 has 4 display ports, nothing else. They ship it with Display Port to Single Link DVI Adapters.

My problem is when connected via Display Port, if the monitors go to sleep, it is the same as disconnecting them from the PC. The main screen switches monitors, icons jump all over the place, it is a real mess. Why Microsoft or AMD can’t come up with a fix for this is beyond me.

So I’ve got three $700.00 eco friendly monitors that I can never allow to shut off because it wreaks havoc with my desktop. I also have the option of letting them display at 1920 x 1080 connected to the adapters that shipped with the card, but why would I want to spend that kind of money on 27" monitors to display them at 1920 x 1080 when their native resolution is 2560 x 1440.

It is really frustrating that this is even an issue. I’ve been just living with it for about two years now, I just got to the point that I wanted to solve the problem.



I NEVER had that problem with my V7900, but I JUST got that same problem on my Q4000… I though it was the DP->DVi dongle that had gone bad, and I have not gotten around to replacing it with another one yet. I’ll try it and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.