Given up on my iMac - is this graphics card reasonable and are there any upgrade options I can take

HP ENVY 32 Intel® Core™ i7 9th Gen 32-a0000ni 31.5" 4K HDR All-In-one with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650

It’s a 4K screen - more powerful GPUs are available but not in SOuth Africa yet.

Any comments welcome

How much VRAM is on the GTX,
and how many 4k monitors are you planning on using?

4GB I suspect - the specs are all over the place. Have to trust I guess

I’ll just use the one

4GB is not enough.
Do not trust a computer assembler.
They have no idea you’re running an OpenGL based application.

4 is enough for a single standard resolution monitor.
You want 8 GB (or more), for each 4k-5k monitor.

Thank you, I will ask them for a more powerful graphics card, or order from Amazon. OpenGL 4.1 is supported but is it version 7 ready?

If you go with the system requirements here:

you’ll be good for v7.

but good advice with all computers…future proof yourself by overbuying now so you can use the machine longer. It hurts to spend more, but long term you will spend less.

I buy massive machines, then use them for 4,5,6 years… in that time they typically pay me back 100 to 1 money spent vs money earned.