Vibration\wavy lines

I was wondering if there is any component that make “vibrating-wavying” a straight line.
I saw this pattern and I was wondering how to recreate it:

pattern.pdf (3.2 KB)


your question is not very precise and your pdf not very useful. As it is a parametric question, what are the parameters you want, wave length, amplitude, for straigth line, curves … For what end ? To apply it on a surface and then solidify …
It is also good to give credit, image source …

For 3d volume the closest I know is here, Sverchock (Blender plugin ?) done/used by @alessandro.zomparell

I want just transform a straight line into a wavy one. Like I did in the pdf (by hands). One important parameters is the amplitude and the frequency of the wavying.

This is my script, if I have a straight line is working. If I have a curved line I can’t manage to create the weave perpendicular to the curve itself (it is always moving on the y axis)20181105_wave (12.1 KB)

I hope is more clear now

Have a look at the attachment.

20181105_wave (15.4 KB)

Here is another way of doing, you have wavelength, amplitude and angle of rotation around the curve

Slightly modified and use of Dendro plugin to solidify an helix

20181105_wave (37.9 KB)


You’re creativity toward solutions never ceases to inspire.

Cool idea.