Gradient Wave

Dear All, i’m a newbie!
could someone help me making this gradient wave that modifies its amplitude because an attractor line?
I’ve been able to create the script to make alternate wave curve but with constant highness, !

but i’d like to create something like that:

Thanks in advance!!

post file pls.

Gradient wave on surface.3dm (57.6 KB)
script (7.4 KB)

Dear Tim,
in attachment you can find the 3dm file, and also the Grasshopper defnition to obtain the first image uploaded.
i’m looking to arrive to write a definition that increase the wave in the center of the surface, but maintain the border in tangency with the other surfaces as built with the iso curve.

Thanks in advance for help!!

script (13.2 KB)

Like that ?

Dear Tim , first of all really thanks for your support, but my trouble is also that i’d like that all the curves are positioned on the original surface. and i’d like to father them on the border direction so to maintain the tangency with the opposite boder.
i hope to have been clear!
My best

If you want curves to maintain tangency you have to:

  • deconstruct curves,
  • project control points Points[1] and Points[Points.Count-2] to the surface
  • reconstruct curves

Regarding gradient look of wave curves, you can use some “ready-made atractor solution” or write your expresion/function that will alter values.

script (16.2 KB)

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I’m not really into tengency, g1 and g2 etc. I don’t know how close/good you need it. If you need it for a University Project that should be enough. If you need it for a more realistic one, you should better have a look at @RadovanG’s script.

script (14.8 KB)

Dear TIM,
thanks for your really precious help! but i need again your help, because i found a mistake, that i’m not able to catch and solve:
If you look at your image and also at mine, every X steps, it change the frequency giving a result that is not costant.

checking the rules written by you, i’ve seen that when the number of point change in U direction it create something difficult to manageas you can see in the image C and D:

what do you think about?
Really thanks in advance!
My best!script wave_re1 sfumatura (12.8 KB)
ceiling.3dm (143.5 KB)

Oh **** :smiley:
Don‘t know what happend there. I will solve it tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

The Problem was in the dispatch component. The distance which was used to dispatch, picked also one of the outer points. Adjusting it from 10 to 9.7 solved the problem. :slight_smile:

script (12.7 KB)


But this doesn’t help on your Surface, cause it gets wider at the top side.
So we don’t cull Points by distance anymore. We do it by “range” -> You have 17 Points per row. Point 5-11 gets dispatched for example :slight_smile:

script (16.3 KB)

Dear tim!
i’m so glad for your help, but starting by my desire i’m tring to going a little bit forward, i’ll try to have the “waves” not only parallel on the central attraction curve, but now that are inverse atracted by the for sied of the sirface , so that just the central part have the gradiet curve that increases… i hope to have been clear… :smile:

maybe i send you a picture of what i mean?
Thank you for everithing until now!!