Waves from straight lines

Hey guys,
I have a rookie question:

I’ve been trying different methods to get varying wave distortion from a straight line.
I’ve tried sin x curve. but that still has a a repetition in rhythm .

I then manually did it my drawing out a few first degree curves and then applying a fillet followed by rebuild. But I’m wondering if the same can be done parametrically.

I think it’s a matter of dividing the curve and move in the z direction random for each curve and then doing the same step.

Does anyone have an easier way to resolve this?


Hi Ajmal,

here is a basic starting point; try playing around with the degree of the interpolated curve and the number of divisions!

curve divide jitter.gh (236.0 KB)


Jitter- Right! That’s what I needed. Thanks Konrad. This works perfectly.

Glad it helped and thanks for the coffee! Made my day :relaxed:

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So glad to hear that! Appreciate your effort (Y)