Very Thin Line Weights and Line End Options

I do a lot of drafting with Rhino and I’m really happy with it as a drafting solution and while I will continue to asked fr upgrades I am really happy with the V6 enhancments. I have two quick questions/requests though:

1. In our current templates we have our second to thinnest line set to .13 mm and our lightest line set to “Hairline” (.0001) BUT Hairline prints thicker in real life (closer to .18 mm).

I tried to change it to .05 (and all the .0X combinations) and it also prints at the same width as Hairline. Am I missing something. Does anything below .01 mm default higher?

This is not a printer issue as you can see this phenomenon on screen by setting _PrintDisplay to On.

2. On a different but related topic, can there be (or is there) an option to change the line end style. Currently all lines end with a rounded end, which is centered on the point defining the line (easy to see on an open think line). It would be great to be able to make the end of a line a square end that starts/stops right where the points end. Being able to assign differing styles to closed or open lines/curves would be helpful.

This is currently handled well in Adobe Illustrator, for example.

Any chance this is something you all are considering?



Hi Joe - thanks, I’ll add your line-end suggestions to the heap. As far as I know there is not a setting for line ends - they were all square until fairly recently, I think, so it may be relatively painless to have it both ways, I’ll add a request to the bug tracker.

How are you printing your skinny lines, on paper or pdf? Have you messed with the settings in the Print dialog at all?



Version 6 SR10
(6.10.18311.20531, 7/11/2018)

Hi Pascal. I have a related problem. I have some curves with arrow head line ends. The arrow heads appear on the model views and on the layout details, but they do not print via either PDFCreator or directly from Rhino to paper.

As you will notice, the arrow heads are OK on the dimension lines.

Top view:

Zoomed Top view:


Zoomed Layout view:

Print dialog:

I have tried different settings for Arrowhead size, but that did not help.

HouseRemodelFPartial2.3dm (193.4 KB)

HouseRemodelFPartial2.pdf (11.9 KB)

Regards, Garry.

Arrowheads are different objects than dimensions - they are “screen space” objects like annotation dots. Unlike dimension arrows, they have a constant size on-screen. There does appear to be a bug in the printing of arrowheads, even trying to print with my normal A4 printer, they don’t show up, no matter what the size is set at. I see there is a recent Youtrack item concerning arrowhead printing however, I’m not sure it has been fixed… @stevebaer?

What I suggest you do is use Leaders for your arrows instead, they will (should) behave like your dimensions.

Hi Helvetosaur. Thank you. I have changed the first arrow to a Leader and it behaves as you stated. I will work through the remaining objects. Much appreciated.

On second thoughts…

I have discovered that Leaders expect associated text, with the leader line having an extension into the expected text area. Even if no text is supplied, the Leader line has the extension which would normally be associated with the text. That will not work for some of my arrows, which are intended to show directions, such as surface water flow, and flow direction in drainage pipes.

Here is hoping that @stevebaer has a solution to the arrow printing bug.

Portion of a PDF created from the same 3dm file using Rhino 4 showing arrow heads.

Regards, Garry.

Yeah, you can’t have a leader without an extension line. But you can make the extension line very short… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got it. I will keep trying using that approach. It seems to be OK Thank you again.

I seem to be able to print arrowheads to Rhino PDF here in a 6.12 daily.

You could try to install this and check to make sure:

I set the Arrowhead size to be 20 mm in the print dialog.

This has been fixed, but is not available quite yet. This fix will show up in SR12 which we should have an initial release candidate for next week.

Hi Steve. I have installed SR12 and confirmed that the arrow heads are now printing. Thank you for your help.

Hi Joe,

I also miss that possibility of defining the line end style, but at the moment, I have an intermidiate solution. When I print to pdf, I have found out that using the “Rhino pdf” printer, it produces square ends, whereas when I use “Adobe pdf” printer, it produces rounded ends. In both cases, those line end styles are produced for all types of lines, closed and open.