Can one achieve blunt ends to lines given thicker line weight?

I used to do this in Macromedia Freehand but Rhino’s cut etc tools are far quicker and FH9 is now feeling archaic for rotations and cuts.
I am trying Rhino for drawing up instrument faces and creating lines for scale modelling, arraying them around centre of dial etc. Then thickening up the lines but the divisions that one sees around the edge of a clock for example end up with rounded ends, whilst the graphics prog had blunt end caps option.

To be able to vary the line weight until I get the effect at scale that I want is important, so using print preview and line weight is my chosen method.

Any other ideas folks as having divisions sticking out beyond the radial lines is not good !


Is drawing exactly what you want as a surface no good?

unfortunately not, as I need to be able to vary the line thickness until I get the effect I want in the scaled down printout.