Hi guys, I have a problem with Rhino 5 for Windows. I think the real problem is GPU, i bought the new laptop one week ago and i install the rhino 5 but i have a big problem. I have two graphic cards, one is an intel family HD i think and the other is AMD radeon 8850m 2g. When i run the Rhino in safe mod it is runing good but i cant use it in that way. I found this video on YT, and I found it very similar to my problem I hope you find a solution for my problem, thank you.

Unfortunately I think you are part of this group.


Here is the most latest answer from McNeel.

Hey guys i forgot to post temporary solution fro the AMD - Intel gpu… I just disable my intel video card in device manager and my rhino now works fine. I hope I helped you :smile:

I bought an AMD video card a long time ago and it arrived DOA. After wasting a day of testing and tweaking, I sent it back and got an nVidia openGL card. They seem to be more focused on professionals, more stable, and updated more often. I only wish Rhino would take better advantage of these high end cards!

Hi Milos,

When I disabled my Intel card, the AMD was cut off as well.
Are you sure Rhino is runnig through the AMD card?
You can check it here:


Has there been any news on this topic over the last year? Work got me a Dell with switchable Intel/AMD graphics and I am seeing this issue, is there a solution other than disabling the Intel graphics?

Hi there. I dont know how, but i do not have that problem anymore. But I know when the problem disappeared. It happened that disappeared when I did the following

This will work!!! just need to disable Use accelerated hardwer modes.
…But after a long time I have enabled accelerated hardware modes , and everything worked as it should and i dont know how :smiley:

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I.T. did a driver update and so far it seems ok.

I hope AMD gets things in order. I do not want a video card mono-culture.

My best recommendation for a Radeon card is to turn off antialiasing in the Rhino OpenGL page. It looks like the Radeon group at AMD has no intentions on fixing the OpenGL problems with this card. They insist they are intended for DirectX and suggest the FirePro, much like Nvidia suggests the Quadro over the GeForce for OpenGL applications.

And if people buy them, workstation cards will stay nice and expensive, and the video card manufactures will have no incentive to fix bugs for the others.

If workstation cards were really optimized for CAD and Design, they would have much higher clock-speeds and much lower cores, but that’s not the way it is.

How much extra should people need to pay to render a 2 dimensional line in 2 and 3 dimensional space?

To be clear: At this point, I want workstation specific video cards to die. They are nothing but an expensive poorly-cooled subset of video gaming cards, where the customer pays for the privileged of not having their cards crippled.

Then Microsoft will have won by making their proprietary DirectX gaming language supreme at the expense and demise of the open source OpenGL “workstation” graphics language.

Um, OpenGL was used in most ID family games.

If id hadn’t made GLQuake, and if 3DFX hadn’t released the Vodoo 1, the lay of the video card landscape and 3D graphics would have been much different.

Do much with VRML? Because that’s the only thing else that was going on back then : )

Isn’t it interesting that such OpenGL bugs still exist on the windows side, yet the Mac uses OpenGL for all its rendering.

And Apple uses OpenGL

If I looked back and didn’t see directx still living, I wouldn’t feel too bad, either.

I wote for an automatic local origin for Rhino. Just find a proxy for something close to the center of the scene and do the calculations from there. Then just add the devation to the onscreen data.

To me it makes sense that if the objects are located close to W105000,2022300,3000 then set this as Origin and add that value to all coordinates shown. It would be like a positional scale (if I import a mm file into a cm file then it is automatically scaled, you could do the same with repositioning)

I think that would solve a lot of problems for architects who use real world coordinates.

Hmm, you mean it might be a Z-Buffer overflow problem?

What motivation does AMD have for fixing a bug if everyone only posts here?
A seach for “amd rendering bug rhino” will return nothing.
Companies are competitive and vain. Use that to encourage them to fix it : )

They (AMD) have a fix; to replace the Radeon with a FirePro.
One of our developers built an example for them to illustrate the problem they introduced into the Radeon drivers in December 2013/January 2014. The Radeon driver group said our users had the wrong card/chip and should get a FirePro instead. The FirePro driver group has been much better to work with.

And there I was, favoring AMD as a better choice after NVidia pulled the same trick by purposely crippling their OpenGL of gamer cards a few years back.

Well apparently for my next setup I have to give in to their marketing tactics.

To be honest they have the right to do this, and as such it’s not inherently wrong. But it just feels like they are miking every last drop out of the market and do not care spinning their true intentions to make it look like they are acting in the customers best interest.