Very annoying drag and drop feature [solved]


I would like to ask this forum about an annoying problem that I have since the beginning of my use of rhino 3D and never been able to solve because I realy don’t know how to search for this problem on google.

I am talking about the drag and drop fonction of the left click that is constantly active without any visible option to disable it in the option or anything.

As I understand it, this drag and drop fonction of the left click is present automatically so that you can move your surfaces, points, lines etc without going through the selection of the “move tool” but because of this automatic and constant activation, you cannot use properly the other very important use of the left mouse button that is the selection of your objects with the selection rectangle.

I took two screenshots to illustrate my point :

There I have a cubic volume, some square polyline and one circle. In this example I want to make the selection of the circle only but that it impossible to do in just one step because of this annoying drag and drop feature. As soon as I click my left mouse button … :

It turn automatically the left mouse button into a “move objects” order without asking permission so in this case the only way of selecting the circle would be to :

1- go on “top view” but then I would have to return to the perspective view
2- to lock or to hide the background object but then I would have to unlock it again
3- to change the selection filter so it would not touch the volume but then I would have

Of course I could just left click on the objects that I want to add to my selection but it become quickly a problem if I have to select many differents objects that are very intricate together.

Also you could say that the extra steps that I told you above are not very time consuming and can be done very quickly but as you must understand, when you have to to it 1000 times for big projects it can become very infuriating.

So I hope there is some very simple way of disabling this annoying and time consuming feature because it will make my workflow on Rhino way easier and I hope it will also help other peoples who lost as much time as me making ctrl+z because of all that involuntary objects moving.

Thanks for your reading and future answers and sorry for my kind of broken english.


Here are the you can mess with:

Drag selected objects only means you have to select the object first, then click-hold-drag to move it. It adds and extra click.

The other two setting control how far you have to drag a control point or an object before Rhino knows you really want to move it.
If you’re running a higher resolution screen, you may want to kick up those threshold settings.

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one important thing to add, when you press alt, dragging will not occur, if (accidentally) clicked on a surface, that will let you select curves edges whatever behind below within etc…

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Yes ! Thank you both John Brock and Encephalon for your answers, those are exactly what I was looking for, never I suspected the use of the alt key, I wonder if this is something many people know …

I any case thanks a lot !

Holding Alt will also suspend any persistent Osnaps.
Shift will toggle Ortho to the non-current setting while held.

Alt during selection forces a window select, so you can’t click and drag …


Thanks for the additional tips.

Now that I’m there asking for help, would you know by any chance a way of forcing the move on the z axis when objects are being moved ? In the perspective view I mean, not in the side or front view.

This would also help me a lot.

Edit : actually I have found a topic with this aswer, thanks for everything.

Elevator mode.
Press and hold Ctrl and make your first pick.
This will grab the X,Y but not the Z
Let off on Ctrl and you are moving perpendicular to the CPlane in the CPlane Z direction.

Again, thanks a lot for this tips, it will save a lot of time for me in the future.

Consider reading through the Level 1 and Level 2 training guides on the Learn page. They are intended for instructor lead training but you have enough experience from just bashing along to not need an instructor.
There are a lot of handy nuggets like these you could add to your toolbox with a read through.

Actually you must be right, I kind of learned to use Rhino 3D by myself so if there is some place with tips and tricks like this it sure will be interesting.

Thanks a lot again.