Disable click/pick and drag

Hey, has any one figured out a way to disable the click and drag function. I am aware of the ability to set it to only drag selected objects, but I don’t find that always helps. For example when you are trying to select some object using a selection box and there are objects behind the ones you want to select. the first click simply selects the object behind, and the selection box does not appear. I find the click to drag function really annoying and not useful to anyone other than people doing artistic/conceptual models, who are not moving objects a very particular distance in a very particular direction.

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You can set the drag threshold to some large number to prevent dragging. Mine is at 4000 pixels (and 100 for control points).

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Hi Zander - holding Alt to make a Window selection forces ‘window-only’ behavior and the first click will not select. You can also type W and Enter to force a window selection (default alias for SelWindow).


So there is NO WAY to completely disable de function? Just workarounds?

Yep, that’s it… I remember having heated discussions about this as early as Rhino 1.1 or 2. There’s always been a wall of resistance to having the option of disabling dragging completely.


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Is this still the case? (no option to disable click and drag objects - including selected objects); In Feb. 2019?

Yes. This is how the interface was designed.

Saying it that way I’m assuming the function is deeply embedded that it would be no simple ‘feat’ and possibly mean having to re-write other related functions.

Exactly. The behavior is fundamental to the design on the interface.

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You can set Options> Mouse> ‘Click and drag’ to ‘Drag selected objects only.’


Answered above. The threshold alternative works MUCH better for me…

Thanks, but my question was ‘including’ objects that are selected too.

Pretty sure over the years McNeel and others know of many ‘features’ that to be implemented would basically require a complete build up from scratch…in other words…a new software package altogether. I guess unless McNeel received some kind of mass infusion of capital for a development team, it’s not going to happen.

Wim Dekeyser already wrote a perfectly working solution to the people who want to “lock” the manual moving of objects unless the “Move” command is used, or unless you activate the Gizmo (which you anyway do only if you really want to move/rotate/scale/extrude the selected object).

Wow, I went looking for a solution here and this is fantastic! This is the best solution I’ve ever seen to this problem. Why doesn’t all software have this? :slight_smile: