Vertical leafs window

Is there a possibility to create windows with vertical leafs (one on another not one next to another) from VA styles?

Hi Geodeta,
Do you mean leaves one on top of each other?
You can create “hung” windows. Just create a new window style from the Window Styles dialog, and select “Hung” as opening type:

Later on during the wizard, you can add as many leaves as you wish.
If the window you need to achieve has a level of detail that can’t be done with the window parameters, you can always do it as a “Grasshopper style” (a windows style created from a Grasshopper definition).
You have some examples here:
Or you can send us an example of the window you want to create and we can help you to develop it.



Thanks Francesc.

This is not exactly what I need. Leaves should be one on top of each other but the window type is hopper not hung. Like that (lower leaf is hopper and upper is fixed):

Probably it’s easy with Grasshopper but I’m not familiar with it yet.
It’d be nice to see that possibility in VA styles.

Best regards,

Hi @geodeta.warszawa I have created a GH style for that window. I have uploaded it in food4Rhino:
You can import it into your document running the vaStylesImport command. The window has 2 leaves. One fixed and other one that can open in different directions (swing, awning and hopper). You can also decide which one is the leaf that opens, and dimensions of the different components.


Great! Really appreciate your help Francesc! Thanks.

Do you also have a grasshopper definition for this?

I need something similar, but with an irregular profile.

Hi @brglez.primoz how is your profile like? If you want to create a window style that uses a gh definition and it takes the opening profile from a curve, you need to reference that curve in the GH file, and internalize it into the Curve Param. Then you can have some parameters in the gh file that change their proportions, for example.
Or you can create the custom profile in GH indicating the dimensions as parameters (for example a window with an octagonal shape).