Create window on non-vertical wall VisualArq Grasshopper

Hello guys!

I am trying to create a window from a curve on a non-vertical wall with VisualArq grasshopper components. I cannot understand what am I doing wrong. I would appreciate if someone had a look. (17.6 KB)

Thank you!

Hello @cokerone1214 , VisualARQ “native” windows can only be created vertically either from Rhino as from Grasshopper.
As a workaround you can create a new window style from a Grasshopper definition. Since the geometry in the definition will be generated by surfaces and polysurfaces, you will be able to rotate it as you wish. Then you can create a new window style from that definition and have a parameter to control the window inclination.

Hello fsalla. Thank you very much for your reply. Also have a look at this topic I created.