Vertical curve in Wireframe

How do I get 90 deg. vertical curves to show up in Wireframe plan view? As you can see, one if the vertical curves is selected, but it’s not shown in wireframe plan view. I’d imagine it should show up as a ‘point.’

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Yep, this is on the list to get fixed - there is not a good workaround that I know of, I’m afraid.

RH-62347 Display: End -on lines are not visible


That is a bit surprising that such seemingly basic thing is yet to be fixed. Thank you for letting me know. At least I now don’t have to keep changing view / display mode to make it work (I just couldn’t imagine Rhino wouldn’t be able to show).

Hope it gets fixed soon.

I clicked “Solution” as it at least answered my question, but it really needs another button “answered but no solution yet”

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Same thing happens with annotation objects when viewed from the side. It is really annoying and can be very challenging to move a bunch of geometry and find out later the dimensions or notes got left behind.

Hello - that one is by design. at least , for annotations - seeing lines from annotations that are not readable in that view becomes messy, so Rhino hides them at a small angle.


7 years and nothing :smiley:

I’m a bit surprised this issue doesn’t get talked about more. You still can’t see a straight up line in wireframe plan view in V8.

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yes its frustrating

I am checking it is 12 yeras since Rhino v5. Even though i did not use V5 i can read that make2d used to be much more reliable and lines were visible like dots when viewed from side. It is very very sad that essential stuff is actually worse than 12 years ago and we have new “features” such as tapered linetype. This must be a joke. Prioritizing introducing new marginal feature and not fixing such an an obvious regression…

I don’t think that’s the case actually… A lot of things work better and faster, but yes, there are still bugs.

The thing is, I’m not so sure it’s considered a regression by McNeel. IIRC it was not re-implemented more or less because it wasn’t considered useful… Maybe I’m wrong about that though.

How could anyone say being able to see lines you placed isn’t useful?
They do have it as a bug, but the problem is, apparently not seeing lines in the view isn’t a big deal.

OK, maybe “not considered useful” was the wrong way to describe it. Maybe it was that it’s not really a priority. It was tagged as a “paper cut”. It does seem to be important to some people however, based on the number of discussions we have had over the years.

its like calculator cant compute 5+5 but it does not matter because very few people use calculator to calculate 5+5… it is a basic thing, it has to work no matter what. with this logic also flat surface should not be visible from side.