Curve visibility from perpendicular to view

Since upgrading to rhino 6 and installing latest SR, I am still having problem with visibility:
When I select single stright curve with CP on, I can see the curve from top view (whatever perpendicular to view to curve) as a point. But when I select this curve with CP off, the curve is not visible as a point from perpendicular view. In RH5, this was normaly visible as a tini point.
I tried installing new drivers but doesnot work and I need to have specific drivers supported by solidworks anyway.
Specs:Dell precision 5530 win 10/64 (1809), i7-8850H 2,6GHz, 32GB ram, Quadro P1000+Intel UHD600

Hi - I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or not. I guess that it makes some sense the way it is now, and a year and a half into Rhino 6 I don’t think anybody else has reacted to it.
At any rate, perhaps @stevebaer know more about this.

From my point of view, it does not make sense. You can turn on/off CP highlight but it behaves the same way in both cases.
If there is something selected from one view and it is not marked as selected, than I have to switch to other views to check if I did not accidentally select something i did not want. If this was meant as a new feature, than I think they should make possibility to bring it back in preferences.

In my opinion, it would be best if that vertical curve seen from top view was rendered with the same width as it appears when seen from side view, perspective view etc. For example, if the line is 1 pixel wide from the settings of the current display mode, then it must be also 1 pixel dot from top view when control points are turned off. If it’s 3 pixels wide when switching to another display mode, then it also must appear as 3 pixels wide dot from top view.

Yes, that what I mean. But even when trying turn of tesselation and running in safe mode, curve does not show.

I have also noticed another thing.
When working with curve piping, casting shadows does not work where is not regular object around.

Feel free to log a bug for this.

Added RH-53520.

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