Line Visibility from Side in V7

when i create a straight line in Rhino 5 and look at it from one of the side views perpendicular to the curve i at least see a little dot indicating the location of the line.

in Rhino 7 i see nothing at all, even if i have them selected (unless i have the gumball activated) is that a bug or is that now the intended way? if so i would very much prefer the old way and would plead for having it look like an even bigger dot (favourable even adjustable)

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-18 um 15.07.00

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Hello - I see that, thanks. I do not think this is designed behavior, no…
RH-62347 Display: End -on lines are not visible


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just found out that the point actually vanishes in rhino 5 too once i go beyond curve widh 3. maybe its a part of the problem.

I just bumped into this problem,

my lines are not visible from side. i think they should be visible like a dot