Version 8—Layout and detail layer visibility now missing?

I may be missing something. I recently upgraded to version 8, and I can’t find the Layout and Detail Layer Visibility panel. Did it go away?

I now don’t understand how I can change the visible layers of one detail on a layout versus another. I have two plans side by side, viewporting the same location in the model, but with different layers. How do I show one set of layers in the first, and a different set of layers in the second?


Yes.things have changed quite a bit in that area. Especially on Mac
See this thread for more info:

Thanks, @Gijs .

Hi @matthew.wj
The Rhino 8 UI has ben unified: Rhino 8 Mac and Windows are the same.
So, unfortunately those like you that are used to Rhino 5, 6, or 7 Mac now have to get used to this new look.

The Model and Layout layer controls are contained in the one layers panel,
not two like previous Mac Rhino versions.

But you can rearrange the columns to what you prefer.
And model and layout viewport will have their own arrangement or configuration.

See the video that here that shows how to move the column to the left and make it more visible.

Let us know if this works ok for you.
Mary Ann Fugier

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Thank you! This is super helpful (you and your team are great). It’s very clear now.

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