Layer States - restore model visibility to layout/detail visibility

Since LayerStates came up: as mentioned, please consider making LayerStates stored in model space applicable in Layout/Detail space and the other way around.
They are incompatible as of now, but since model space now has exactly the same layer panel parameters (columns) as layout/detail, this just doesn’t make sense anymore.

Hey @Eugen,

I’ve moved your post to a new thread, being the other one was lengthy.

– Dale

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In Rhino 7 I had a number of Layouts with layer-level visibility customization. Finding layer visibility for each Detail in a Layout was not difficult.

In Rhino 8 I cannot find per-Detail control of layer visibility at all, anywhere. Where has this control gone?

Hi @CD_Lewis,
Are you using Rhino 8 for Mac?

The Rhino 8 UI has ben unified with Windows UI.
So, unfortunately if you are used to Rhino 5, 6, or 7 Mac now have to get used to this new look.

All the layer controls are unified into the one Layers panel.

See the video that here that shows how to move the column to the left and make it more visible.

Let us know if this works for you.

Max Fugier
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