Layout Layer Visibility Always the Same as Model Layer Visibility?

I’m attempting to use Rhino to build an architectural set for a small project.

Is it not possible to have the layer visibility for a layout detail different from layer visibility for a model?

In CAD, I often build many layers (plumbing, electrical, etc) on a single drawing. Then I turn them on and off per viewport. It avoids conflicts. For instance, in one layout viewport, I have layer: plumbing on. In the next, using the same drawing, I have it off.

Is that not possible in Rhino?

Hello - layers on and off globally is global - that is, the modeling layers must be on to be on in layouts, but you can control visibility per detail

Sorry, on Mac lit looks a little different but the functionality should be the same.

Also for the separation you describe, please look into Worksessions - that is exactly what that is for,


This is so helpful! Thank you. I’ll look into Worksessions as well.

Hi Matthew - sorry, I answered before seeing that you were on a mac - Worksessions are not implemented on mac at this point.


No worries. Thanks for your help!