Venation Pattern using Parakeet ( help )

Hi to everyone. I d like to discover how does it work the venation pattern. I will explain briefly my task: I have a surface on which I need to have a venation pattern. I started creating an amount of random point on the surface, then drawing a line as an attractor to delete some of the points near to that. In this way I defined different groups of points, on each of them it should be a different venation pattern. When I connect the venation component nothing happen, I struggled trying to understand how does it work.

Please, any kind of help it will be very appreciate.

Thanks for your time, there is attached the rhino file and the gh file in case you want try by yourself. I am arrived untill the creation of different point groups, after that i guess i should use the venation pattern but nothing happen.

Venation pattern gh (27.9 KB) Venation pattern T000.3dm (177.5 KB)

Show me the way :slight_smile:

kind regards


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Hi thanks very much to answer,
unfortunately it doesn’ t work to me. I did the same as you but when I link the output Venation Pattern to the input of Explode curves there is an orange line-connector, so no data trasmitted, do you know why? maybe you changed something before and due this it is not happening to you. And what there is after the component join curves?

Thanks a lot, maybe if you share your file I will easily understand

Venation pattern gh T000 (19.6 KB)


Amazing, thanks a lot.
Do you know how make the extrusion decresing following from big to small branches?

Here are some links

There are surely others solutions.


I saw your venation question. can you help me?
I cant generate a pattern at all…

without a script it is hard to know why it doesn’t work.
One guess, put a cutoff distance bigger than the distances between consecutive points. Lets say 100.

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Dude, that’s it! Thank you so much! I just recreated something I saw in a vid but obviously he must have used a different scale.