Custom pattern

I am trying to make the pattern sketched in the top image, ive made one unit of the image pattern in grasshopper already with the file below, how to I pattern it to make the mirror functions and everything work to make it look like the sketched image? I tried using a grid to pattern it but I can get it, I want a 8x8 grid of the pattern

Rotating (28.6 KB)


Give Parakeet a go…

You could merge these lines in green, mirror them and from that larger pattern you can use a rectangular array.

Rotating (28.3 KB)

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Thankyou!! I am preparing them to 3D print, is there a way I can define the pattern as three seperate bodies? like i have coloured in the image

so that I can assign them different print materials, I cant work out how to extrude and group all the parts to be three bodies

Three? I see a corner piece, often mirrored to form a ‘T’, and a white “bar”. (Is there a “bar” missing in your colored image or is that deliberate?)

@lars.renklint is doing a fine job and I don’t mean to interrupt here…

The following uses his method in the purple group but the input comes from the white group, consisting of one ‘Srf Corner’ and one ‘Srf Bar’. They are surfaces but could just as well be extruded solids. How they are made is left unspecified. Also, ArrPolar requires a ‘Pt 1’ point to be specified and the two Mirror components require a ‘Pt 2’ point.

Otherwise, it’s rather simple, eh? (19.0 KB)

Or like this…

Relying completely on @lars.renklint solution. Key is to branch them by set of polygon areas…

Rotating (39.3 KB)

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Added a choice (blue group Value List switch) between ‘Surfaces’ (white group, as before) and ‘Extrusions’ (yellow group). (29.5 KB)

Thanks Joseph, thats fantastic, the orange are hinges to be one material, the white doesn’t require a material as there is no print there and the grey tiles in between need to also be extruded to be a rigid tile print body. I see I can now control the extrusion depth in the yellow rectangle but how do I also add the extrusion of the grey tiles inbetween the hinges? really appreciate your help, it is very motivating to keep learning!

Gulp. This got messy quick because I didn’t consider the middle “tile” part from the beginning. In fact, this was originally a quick hack just to illustrate a way forward. Due credit still goes to @lars.renklint for implementing the tile/mirror/array idea (purple group).

I don’t know what you mean by “hinges” but I added a gray group to “cut out” the middle “tile” portion as a surface, optionally extrude it with its own “tile thickness” slider, then add it as a third branch to the data tree. (34.3 KB)

yes!! thats the one, thankyou so much!!

It’s a long way from where you started. I hope you can understand and “own it”, to modify it as necessary. After all, this forum is about learning Grasshopper, not just doing someone’s work for them.


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