Multiple patterned holes - Surface difference (using Parakeet)

Hello Forum.
I’m sure this is a super simple issue:
I’ve created a geometric pattern using Parakeet. The pattern has been ‘Exploded’ to allow me to use the vector points for generating circles…with the ultimate aim of extruding holes in the polygon shape. It doesn’t work…and I can’t see why not.
If I disconnect the Parakeet aspect (shown in the red circle) so it’s a single circle - the Surface Difference works OK.
Can someone show what I’m doing wrong with the patterned circle version please?
Jason (9.3 KB) (4.5 KB)

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Thank you @dowazura
As an explanation, I can see this clearly works, but why is the ‘Cull Duplicates’ (CullPt) actually needed?
And, the little ‘flatten’ arrows (on the ‘Circle’ and ‘Boundary Surfaces’ nodes), why are these needed?
I’m trying to build up a rational in my head.