Vector output printing with shaded detail in layout is not working

Printing a layout that contains both vector lines as well as shaded geometry does not work if you print as vector output.
The only way to overcome this is to print as raster output.

Is there anyway to overcome this or is the bug already being addressed?

Hi Community,
I am also looking for a solution to this problem. At work we really prefer the shaded mode over the wireframe. Plus we often use pictures for demonstration purpose. Is there a known work around?
Since I am using Rhino 5 maybe Rhino 6 has the solution?
Thanks beforehand.

In another forum chat I learned, that in the shaded mode all objects are converted to render meshes. Is that the reason, why only raster output is possible?
Could please someone help here? I somehow can’t believe that no one is struggeling with the raster output. Because it is a picture that can’t be processed further. Plus if zoomed in pixels are showing and all is a blur.

Hi Liis,

That is correct, yes.
A known workaround is that you can save the viewport to file (-ViewCaptureToFile) to make a high-resolution image. That image can then be placed on the layout. If there are curves on the layout, printing to vector will ensure that these elements are exported to vector while the image is raster.

thank you for the tip with the workaround, wim. Unfortunately in our case it would produce an amount of extra work and we would still not get a vector output.
Just to illustrate, what our layouts look like check out the attached image.

No other mode that shaded mode gives us the wanted result. Our only problem is (as already mentioned) the raster output.
Any new ideas?
Thanks in advance!

The only other way would be to use Make2D to generate the views and then use hatches to add color to areas. To avoid having to play a lot with the draw order of lines and hatches, I would use CurveBoolean a great deal.
Attached is a very quick PDF in vector format.
print hatch to vector.pdf (21.8 KB)