Printed result in raster instead of vector from layout


Why if I print to pdf any 3D object (for ex. a cube) from layout, using Rhino5, selecting vector output, the results from all visualisaztion style (except for wireframe) are all raster?

test.pdf (289.5 KB)

Why can’t we have Pen and Technical style in vector?

Hello - that is just ‘how it is’ - there is no provision for exporting shading on surfaces and meshes as vector. Pen, Technical etc use meshes to draw in screen, so the ‘curves’ you see are not really there, so to speak.


I understand.

but why not to let Pen and Technical use the same draw method (obviously if possible) as for Wireframe, since that the result are mainly lines, so to get vector output?

Talking about shading export, it can be converted to hatch, so it can be edited as a vector.

But, for me, having vector line output from Pen and/or Technical view it’ll a big result, and also a very big time saver! (make2d is a very huge time wasting)

Hi Nicola -

None of that is currently possible. We have this feature request on the list as RH-11615 and I have added this thread to be notified when it gets implemented.