Printing vector vs raster output

there is a problem printing in rhino mac.
if i print with “raster output” it’s all ok.
if i print whit “vector output” all texts have some problem, their position printed are different form how you can see in rhino.

Can you post a small sample file here to look at? Thanks, --Mitch

here’s an example:
test.3dm (127.5 KB)
raster output.pdf (1.4 MB)
vettorial output.pdf (12.1 KB)
I saw that even filling SOLID screens, with the output vector is not printed.

I see this- thanks.


I have experienced the same issue with vector printing, both to pdf and to printer directly, but have another issue with the latest release, 5A772w
On multiline text the text on every line under the first is duplicated and offset so the text is illegible.
Is this a known issue with the current release?

Problem printing text in vector mode
I have attached a pdf print to show the problem.

I see this in the preview of the print dialog if the text has multiple lines (by pressing enter between them) but I don’t see the overlap in the pdf itself. Can you post just the text in a 3dm and a screenshot of your print settings? I want to also check how you’re printing to PDF, are you clicking PDF in the lower left of the print settings and choosing save as pdf?

Filed the preview issue I found…

I have attached a 3dm file where I changed the font to arial with the same result but not as pronounced
Also provided a pdf of the 3dm file, The offsetting of text is more pronounced when a larger area is printed. i.e. if you zoom in and only print the text the offset is barely noticeable on arial

And yes I am using the save as PDF in the lower left corner of the panel.

Fred Wilmers

test.pdf (40.7 KB)

test.3dm (51.6 KB)

Thanks for the file and apologies on the delay in getting back to you. I filed this as for future reference.

To Let you know each and everything about Raster & Vector …May be this link wolud help…