Vector output flipping orientation

Trying to get Vector output from the print dialog is flipping the orientation of the model in regard to both the page and the dimensions in layout space.

hi @markleichliter can you run _SystemInfo in Rhino and post back the results? A model that shows this behavior is most welcome. What display modes are your details set to?

Here’s the System Info:
Rhino SystemInfo.txt (11.9 KB)
I just installed the latest Beta and tested to see if any changes: nope. Nearly all my layouts are using custom display modes. I can send you the file that demonstrates this behavior. What’s a good email for that?

You can send it here. If you reference to this thread and post a note here, I will get notified and will have a look. Thanks!

Sent. Thanks for your help on this.

thanks for the file. I will need those display modes as well it seems, because the file in its current state reverts to wireframe for all the missing ones, and there the issue is not showing. Does your file behave the same if you are using any built in display modes?

I swapped the details on both pages over to the default Shaded mode, and still get the flipping. I think that rules out the problem being with custom display modes.

Here are the two custom modes I was using, in case it helps.
Exo HiddenLine.ini (7.7 KB)
Rhino SystemInfo.txt (11.9 KB)

Yes, seeing it now in shaded mode as well. The custom modes might still be helpful in finding the cause, thanks for sending.

Attached the SystemInfo again, I see. Derp. Here’s the actual ini I’d intended:
Exo Arctic.ini (7.7 KB)

I added RH-77653 Vector mode flips details in printpreview