Rhino 8 Print Preview Inverted

I notice the print preview on the Mac is inverted from the layout view but not the measurements. Just noticed this is in Vector output. In raster output it is correct.
The .PDF files seem to print correctly.

Hi JP -

This should be fixed in a current 8.3 release candidate. If you are on service releases, you might want to switch the update frequency to release candidates on the Rhino Settings -> General page.

Hi Wim,
Many Thanks, thats fixed…

I was importing an image (drag onto layer and scaled) locked the image, then on a 2nd layer typed some text. When i went into print the layout, the image is inverted on the print preview, (when Vector Print is selected) but still prints out correctly. Selecting Raster shows the preview correctly.

File attached.
Testing Print.3dm (2.5 MB)