VB and Python differences in Rhinoceros version 5 and (current) 6.8

I see some VB code, e.g.
Dim x As Double = 10
doesn’t work in Rhinoceros 5. Does it work in latest Rhinoceros version?
Where can I get information (e.g. link(s) to webpage(s)) about differences in Python and VB scripting made from Rhinoceros v 5 till current v 6.8?

This is not VBscript, this is VB.net
In VBscript you do not need to declare your variable type.

Dim x is all you need in VBscript unless you are declaring a fixed or dynamic array, then you need

Dim x(n) - fixed array with n items
Dim x() - unspecified length dynamic array which needs to be redimensioned later with Redim x(n) or Redim Preserve x(n)

Links to RhinoScript (vb) and Python rhinoscriptsyntax, as well as RhinoCommon.