User-defined variables

Hello everyone
I am working with Rhinoscript. However, I don’t know whether Rhinoscript supports User-defined variables or not. e.g

Public Structure student
Public givenName As String
Public familyName As String
Public phoneExtension As Long
Private grade As Decimal
End Structure

Appreciate for your help!
Thanks and Best regards,
Lam Nguyen

If I understood what you’re asking, Rhinoscript is based on VBscript, it does support user defined variables. If you use the Option Explicit (recommended) you do need to define your variables with a Dim statement, but you need not (cannot) define them as a specific type, vb script is “implicitly typed”.

Dim MyVariable


Hi Mitch
Thank you so much for your response. Moreover, I found that the “User data method” could be helpful in this case.
Lam Nguyen