Dynamic section

I am trying to cut the section in my 3d but seem because of the files too big it cannot show the dynamic section. I am trying to copy into a new files where i extract only roof, dynamic section works. Is that mean dynamic section of VISUAL ARQ cannot work well with Big rhino files? thank you if anyone has some ideas.

Hi @Low,

Which version of VisualARQ are you using, VisualARQ 1 or VisualARQ 2 RC?

I guess you’re using VisualARQ 1, because the “Dynamic Section” command has been removed in VisualARQ 2. VisualARQ 1 Dynamic Section enabled a section in all viewports, and used mesh-mesh boolean algorithm that was slow and fails with some meshes.

In VisualARQ 2 we have re-implemented this feature and it is now integrated in the Section Manager (the “Sections” panel). You can show it using the command “_vaSections” or right cliking on any panel title and selecting “Sections”:


image (1)

In this panel, you will see all available sections in the current document, and you can enable sectioning of any of the listed sections. The section will only be enabled in the current viewport. If you want you can enable the same section on other viewports, or different section at the same time on different viewport. This new feature is compatible with jogged sections, uses a real-time algorithm using OpenGL, so it should be faster, supports section attributes and the new VA2 printing vector output.



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