Sectional Perspectives?

Is there a way to Make2D from the Dynamic section in perspective view? I am completely able to render the dynamic section into a bitmap, but I’m not able to create linework that represents the dynamic section when it’s activated.

This is the kind of output that I’m looking to streamline with Visual Arq
Atelier Bow-wow Drawing
As far as I know, this studio was able to get this kind of drawing only using 2-D CAD methods, costing them a lot of manpower and time-consuming hatching and drafting. Visual Arq’s dynamic section almost gets there (if set to “pen” mode", the remaining question is wether or not a 2D linework can be generated from a visualarq perspective section.


Hi Alberto, this is not possible right now, although it is in our wish list of new features to add in future versions. What you can do in the 2.0 version is printing the model in vector output with the dynamic section on. 2D linework (Section attributes and line-weights) are considered in the printing result. The only requirement is to set the viewport in “Hidden” display mode:



Is it possible to set up several dynamic sections and then place them each on their own layout?

Essentially what I want is to have multiple dynamic sections shown on multiple sheets and for them to update in real time. From what I can tell that isn’t possible, but please let me know if there’s another workflow that could achieve a result similar to this.



Hi @lignindes, this feature is available in VisualARQ 2.0. From the Section Manager you can activate the dynamic section of a different section line in each Detail viewport.

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I’m a bit weary of moving active/new projects over to 2.0 for fear of
compatibility and stability.

Are users relying on 2.0 in a “production” environment?

I’m a budding VA user, and trying to convert from Revit. I hope the
development team is geared up, there will be more of my kind in the next
1-2 years as Autodesk completes it’s extortion scheme.



Totally agree… prioritisation of profit for shareholders over customers.

They’re a big beast, I honestly can’t see them falling over anytime soon, but as we chip away at making BIM data not tied to any single proprietary software we’ll begin to have a choice again


Hey guys!

Everytime i try to make vector print of dynamic section from layout, the lines are super thick! Is it a bug or do I miss something? And can you give me recommandation for the virtual pdf printer you use? Thank you!


b.pdf (5.5 KB)
1.pdf (4.9 KB)
a.pdf (5.1 KB)

Hi Petr, according to the files I’d guess you either assigned a print width too thick to the walls in relation with the scale you are printing them, or you assigned a solid hatch. Or perhaps there is a bug. If you send us the model (to we will check it out.

Hello Francesc,
sure - here is the file. I tried to adjust appearance of section lines of wall, but it has no impact on result.

vector print thick lines.3dm (794.6 KB)

Thanks for the file Petr. But I couldn’t reproduce the same behaviour. In that file there are no print widths assigned (either to visualarq object styles or to layers). Every print width is set to the default one. Check out which value you have for the default one when you are going to print.

well, now it works. But only if I set thick of section lines for each element. If the thick line is set to default, the printing dialog is not able to affect this (it just takes “some” super thick lines from nowhere). Or is there any option to control thickness of section lines generally? Thank you :slight_smile:


The only way to assign section attributes for Rhino geometry is by object. In case of VisualARQ objects you can do it by style.

Ok, still a bit strange if you had not the same behavior, because my default lines are 0,13mm. Which pdf printer do you use?

I use CutePDF. Which one do you use?

I use Foxit Phantom PDF printer which is part of Foxit reader…