VaSections incomplete, crashing

The first one on my project only rendered the objects through which it cut despite the length being set to include the entire room behind.

The second attempt began rendering and then crashed so severely that Rhino actually blinked and made a snapping sound when it disappeared without any message.

I’ll upload the project in question.

Hopefully everything will render with green fills as it’s set to.

Hi @djhg, I’ve got your file but I can’t reproduce this crash. There are a bunch of materials missing. Are you rendering the scene from the “OverallPerspective” viewport with section 1 activated?
What Rhino version do you have?
Are you using the Rhino Render engine?
Try this with the VisualARQ 2.3 version that was released yesterday. If crashes persists, then a .dmp file will be generated in your desktop. Please change this file’s name before closing the Rhino crash message, zip it and send it to us. That way we can figure out what happened and fix any possible errors.

I am attempting to create VaSectionViews here, not to render a scene - I used the wrong phrasing in the OP. I’d like it if we can trouble-shoot that with software versions they are. I’m up to date with Rhino official releases. SR8.

I will try subsequent versions of Va later, but because the resulting files aren’t backwards compatible with older versions I need to know the current limitations well to understand what the options are if I encounter instability with 2.3.


Ok, excuse me for the missunderstanding. We will take a look at this issue and get back to you as we know more about it.
You can rely more on VisualARQ 2.3 version rather than the 2.2. Just take a look at the number of bugs fixed: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.3 released
We are not aware of any instability problem in 2.3 version. If there was any, it’d probably exist in 2.2 version. In any case, we will review any possible problem, like the one you report here, and fix it as soon as possible in upcoming releases.

@djhg we found out that this crash happens due to an issue with Rhino that will be fixed in the SR10.