Vase Mode with Kangaroo - gradual crumpling of curve sections for a loft

Back on the topic of exploiting Vase Mode on 3d Printers, I want to create a series of section curves to loft and I want to gradually crinkle / crumple those curves, without self intersecting them, and keeping them within a boundary.

I’ve managed to get kangaroo to crumple the curve but would like more bends as the curve gets longer and longer.

I also need to save each iteration as a section curve and move these upwards by a parameter equal to 3d print layer height (eg 0.2mm) so when I loft through these sections I get an undulating loft that gets gradually more crumpled but without steep overhangs.

I’ve used Kangaroo to avoid the self intersections but is there a better way to do this and incorporate Anenome to create a loop for each layer section?

Any help / advice? (23.9 KB)

VASE_MODE Edited (26.8 KB)
Steal from an old thread.
Written by @DanielPiker

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Nice! Do you have the link to the thread too?
Here is another example that inspired me but this curls in 3d not 2d…


Seems like it is using obsolete components.
I always think Meshmachine becomes Triremesh, but seems not.
I can find Meshmachine, but where are the other two, Sequence and Counter?

I don’t know the link to the C# component.

That’s weird, it works on my machine…

I am using the latest Rhino7, is that the reason? I am not sure.

Scripting this will allow more control, but it’s also an interesting challenge to do this without it.
Here’s a way that uses a slider to grow the curve and a data recorder. You can use the right-click-animate function on the slider to move through it steadily. (17.1 KB)

However, I’m thinking perhaps this becomes easier if we flip it on its head -
generate a crumpled curve to start from, then make a sequence of inflating or smoothing it.


Indeed, working backwards works quite nicely. Here I’ve generated a single crumpled curve with Kangaroo, then smoothed it with a graph smoothing script I’ve posted before (a nice feature of this type of smoothing is that if the initial curve doesn’t have any self intersections then neither do any of the smoothing steps): (36.2 KB)

The shape changes quickly at first, then more slowly as it approaches a circle. Perhaps it would also be nice to make the number of smoothing steps non constant to give a more steady change.


Here with the subiteration count increasing as it goes down so it doesn’t flare out so suddenly at the top: (36.6 KB)


Crumplevase is a really interesting shape but it’s difficult to get it to do exactly what I want.

I really like the look of the GrowingLine from the script of yours that Quan Li shared and am trying using that to generate the initial curve in your uncrumple definition.

Thanks for the contribution!

Printing in Vase Mode works but I need to control the amount of overhang better…

I’d like to be able to control the rate of overhang and the start and end curves, eg, Growth Curve to Circle.

Fun to play with though!


A geometry only can be materialized with a 3D printer. Beautiful!


Yeah, needs a bit of tweaking before I would call it beautiful, but I like it so far! :slight_smile:

I like how the printer fills the base in!