Kangaroo curtain effect

Hi all,
I want to simulate a curtain / wrinkle effect by using Kangaroo, I wonder if there is already written gha file can achieve a imilar effect?

You can literally loft a series of curves.

I’m pretty sure there’s a cloth example in the K2 examples. Just use that on a rectangular mesh, with the vertices on one end pinned. Scale1d those vertices during the simulation and you should get your desired effect.

curtains.gh (19.2 KB)

I agree with @Petras_Vestartas though, if it’s just the simple static geometry you are after, it can be easily achieved by lofting curves.

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Was just playing with this when you posted the definition above … :slight_smile:

I wanted the bottom edge to meander when the curtain is pulled to one side. Tried with the rod goal but couldn’t get it to work.

Actually you also used the rod goal.

It needs a little nudge out of plane to get it started buckling - in the above there’s a tiny horizontal load applied for this.

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Thanks Petras and Daniel!