Curves in Kangaroo - How to do a clean sweep/loft?

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As there are threads and topics dealing with fractal curves and using Kangaroo/Anemone, mine is specifically regarding the example(by @nickleung) below where a single surface geometry is created between curve A (upper curve) and curve B (lower differential growth pattern). The information from the examples states to use Kangaroo. I’ve created similar components attached below and have tried to replicate but with fail. I would very much appreciate information on how this is done with GH/Kangaroo?


Model of example:

Model of my form:
Differential Growth_Sweep.3dm (414.1 KB)

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Which part are you struggling with - generating the curve, or turning that into a loft?
For the curve part this might help:



Hi there,

The loft specifically, I’ve managed to get the grasp of generating the forms but the turning into a loft doesn’t come out anywhere as smooth as the example/gif shown above? I was wanting to specifically how to do so with the Kangaroo component.

Thank you again for your response.

I remember this by Gediminas Kirdeikis, he does something similar to what you are looking for by using anemone loop

loop setup for lofting is at minute 23:30, in my opinion the whole video is very instructive