Variable steel section while keeping a constant concrete thickness with Karamba "Optimize Reinforcement" component

Hi, When we use the “Optimize Reinforcement” component, the display of the thickness at the output of the Shell View component gives us a map of variable thickness. Is this thickness a variable concrete thickness? or do these thicknesses give us a local indication of the steel section? Or the two materials, concrete and steel? How to translate a thickness of concrete (cm) in steel section (kg / cm²)? Is it possible to have a variable steel section while keeping a constant concrete thickness?

Hi Charles,

in Karamba3D a standard reinforced concrete shell cross section consists of five layers. ‘0’ corresponds to the concrete cross section, the others to the upper and lower reinforcement in two directions each.

You can select the layer to be displayed via ShellView’s ‘LayerInd’ input. For details please see the manual.

The translation from layer-thickness ‘t’ in centimeter to kg/cm2 steel is t*7850/100^3.

The ‘Optimize Reinforcement’-component does not change the concrete cross section thickness, only the thickness of the reinforcement layers.