Optimization of a shell

Shell_Optimization.gh (71.3 KB) Shell_Optimization.3dm (6.2 MB)
I am having some issues using Karamba. I am modeling a very thin reinforced-concrete shell, supported with 5 supports. My goal is to optimize the cross section of the structure. Yet, I don’t really understand how to efficiently use the different Karamba functions listed below, despite having read the Karamba notice and checked the forum :

  • Optimize Cross-Section : what is the difference between Shell-Std Const and Shell-Std Var, did I use it properly in my Gh file to optimize the cross section of my shell ?

  • Optimize Reinforcement (reinforced-concrete shell) : I linked it to the OptiCroSec component, but it doesn’t change anything, and only says “XX crushed faces” …

  • BModes : This function can only be used using AnalyzeThII, how to know if the structure buckles when using the Optimize Cross Section function ?

You can find my Rhino and Grasshopper files attached.

Can you help me understanding all these functions to optimize my structure ?

Thanks in advance for your precious help,



Optimize cross section works with either a constant thickness or with a varying thickness. That is why there are two types of cross sections for shells

Optimise reinforcement- please refer to https://manual.karamba3d.com/3-in-depth-component-reference/3.5-algorithms/3.5.11-optimize-reinforcement

BucklingModes - after doing the cross section optimization you can run the AnalyseTh2 afterwards with the buckling analysis.

There are also examples included in the karamba installation folder so please look at these to see how each component works