OptiReinf - Numerical display of reinforcement layer thickness

Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on an project using the OptiReinf component to calculate reinforcement for planar RC shells.
For further evaluations I need to get the thickness of the reinforcement layer for each element (instead of using the qualitative display via the colored legend). Is there any way to retrieve the thickness value for each element and layer of the ShellRC cross section using standard Karamba3d components? I’ve tried disassembling the element and crosec, but it only shows the thickness of the main concrete layer (= 0), not of the reinforcement layers.


Hi @Lschfr,

in Karamba3D 2.2.0 there is no GH-component to directly retrieve the reinforcement quantities.

However, in the definition ‘OptiShellReinf_I.gh’ (see OptiShellReinf_I.gh (53.8 KB)) which can be found in the examples collection that accompanies Karamba3D, there is a script embedded which outputs the layer thicknesses in numeric form.