Solid rectangular section filled with concrete under Karamba?

How do you define a solid rectangular section filled with concrete under Karamba? or in Wood? It seems that the rectangular sections available in the section catalog are only hollow tubes? Is there an option to specify that the section is full?
Same question for the full circular sections?

Hi @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V,
you can select the Trapezoid cross section to define a solid cross section for wood and concrete for example.

Thanks for this @matttam I had been looking for this as well. As a suggestion, would it be logical to put it nearer the other beam sections, above the shells? This way the 1D and 2D elements are more easily visible.

hi, I have attempted to use the trapezoid cross section to model a timber beam but it still appears as a hollow section. please advise further

Hi, the trapezoid cross section is always a solid cross section. It just does not have the cap on the mesh output.