Variable fllet tool, unable to select the edge

I was modeling a JBL speaker using Rhino and i wasnt able to fillet an edge using variable fillet tool
once i select the variable fillet tool it says select the edge to fillet thats where the trouble comes i am unable to select the edge. Any tips to do so? or did i missed anything?

Would it be possible for you to submit the file? Also, what function did you use exactly?

VariableFilletSrf or FilletEdge?

Both will allow you to create variable fillets. However, FilletEdge works on Polysurfaces while VariableFilletSrf will work on two unjoined surfaces.

You could take a short video clip of what’s happening or just posting an image would also help people to see you geometry and if anything looks odd to someone.

Hello- if the command is FilletEdge then you only get to select edges that are joined - like between the faces of a box, if all the faces are joined. If the object is joined but you cannot select the edge you want then the edge is not joined even if others are - ShowEdges > Naked edges should light up the edges that FillletEdge does not allow. In short, you’ll need to either Join, or fix the unjoined edges so that they do join.


That did work thanks Pascal