VariableFilletSrf problem with edges

Dear users of Rhino forum. I have problem with variablefilletsrf command. I’m trying to use that command filleting edge of two untrimmed polysurfaces.
I build them basing the same curves using surface of network of curves:

Then I was trying tu use command, but it don’t show full edge of hese polysurfaces:

After command matchsurface is a litlle bit better but not that I want:

Final effect should be from one end to another end. Radious zero to one.

Can you post the curves? The resulting surfaces seem to be overly dense for such simple shape.

filletsrf.3dm (18.8 MB)
For now I was trying to simplify dense. Without results.

I resolved problem :slight_smile:

One of the surfaces I had to extrude for longer distance.

ps the problem still exist. I have found that use option refine curve from crossing surfaces it creating two separate curves. Any idea?

Again resolved it. I’ve put curves into completly new drawing and it worked. Is it possible that program could better count in clean “light” file?