Variable Fillet edge problem

Hello I am working on a part and need to create a variable fillet from the bottom to the top 3mm to 1mm. I was hoping to use variable fillet between surfaces but it will not select both ends of the surface edges? I’ve checked the edges and they are properly merged and intersected.

Any help would be greatly appreciatedHeelCup.3dm (239.4 KB)

Hello - for FilletEdge, join the surfaces first (Solid, or at any rate, polysurface, based command). For unjoined but intersecting surfaces, use VariableFilletSrf (Surface based command)

Your surfaces come tangent, or nearly, at the top so the fillet will peter out anyway. You can try setting the RailType to ‘DistanceBetweenRails’ but you’ll still have to do some clean-up at the top I would say.

HeelCup_Maybe.3dm (154.2 KB)