Fillet tool behaviour


I have made a bottle shape with a cylindrical neck opening and I’m trying to fillet the intersection of the 2 surfaces.

I get different results using the 3 main automated commands; fillet surface (works), variable radius surface fillet (fails) and solid fillet (works).

Why does the VRSF fail, when the others work? (I assume Rhino is attempting to make identical surfaces here?). The VRSF would be the most useful here as you don’t need to join to make a polysurface (before using solid fillet), and you have the ‘variable’ feature.

Thank you,
fillet.3dm (427.3 KB)

Hi Sach - the variable will work better if the surfaces intersect more ‘fully’ But I see it does not quite work right - the surface is made but needs trimming back, I’ll look into that… it looks like it is not handling ther periodic seams there properly.m
RH-73314 VariableFilletSrf - wraps the result

VariableFillet( and Blend)Srf needs a cleran full curve of intersection since it uses the UI from FilletEdge to set the radii and handles along the ‘edge’.


Hi Pascal,

I did try a version where I extended the surfaces so they fully intersect and I got the same result. I have noticed this behaviour in other cases, where the VariableFillet command doesn’t like to play ball…

Also, whilst we’re talking about this, can I mention something that I’ve mentioned before. The VRSF tool would be much more user-friendly if you could pick a set of first surfaces, then a set of second surfaces - to be able to make a fillet in one operation. At the moment, we can do one surface at a time! (Perhaps this has been improved in WIP?)


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